Blade information


If the thought of selecting the right clipper blade has you running for the groomer, you’re not alone. With so many to choose from, figuring out which blade works best can be intimidating. However, recognizing the difference between blades can make the process a lot less complicated.


Select the blade number according to how long you want to leave the coat. The lower the blade number, the longer the hair will be. For example, a #5 blade will leave a hair length of 1/4″, while a #30 blade will leave a mere 1/100″. A #10 is one of the most commonly used blades because it works well for trimming the body of most breeds. Other blades that work well with most breeds include the #15, #5, and #7 blades. For slightly matted hair use a #5, for heavy or very matted coats select a size #7, and for pads use a #15.


The cut refers to the length of the hair that’s left after cutting against the natural lie of the coat. Therefore, if the cut is 1/4″, the length of your dog’s hair will be 1/4″. Going with the grain will leave approximately twice as much hair as going against the grain.


Many blades are categorized as skip tooth blades, finishing or finish cut blades, and wide or T blades. Skip tooth blades are often used before bathing and for quickly cutting through dense, matted hair, while finishing blades are commonly used after bathing to complete the cut and for blending areas of longer and shorter hair together. The wide or T blades feature a wider size to quicken the cutting time of large breeds.

The two Blades that come with the pet clippers will leave a Length of Hair of = 1mm or 1.6mm

Sure Clip sell the following types of Dog clipper blades:
3 = Length of Hair left =13mm
3F = Length of Hair left =13mm
4F = Length of Hair left = 9 mm
5 = Length of Hair left = 6mm
5F = Length of Hair left = 6.3mm
7 = Length of Hair left = 3mm
7F = Length of Hair left = 3.2mm
15 = Length of Hair left = 1.2mm
30 = Length of Hair left = 0.5mm

Clipping should always be done after the coat is clean. Dirt, mats, and oils will quickly dull your clipper and ruin your equipment. One thing to remember when selecting blades for your trimmer is the higher the number, the closer the cut. Also, a nice selection of snap-on combs allow you to leave the coat longer while still maintaining a clipper look.