Sure-Clip Clipper Trans Ram RaiderSure-Clip Clipper Trans Ram Raider


Sure Clip Animals - SheepSure Clip Animals - Alpaca

350w Mains Powered

German, stainless steel blades

Sure-Clip Ram Raider Sheep Clipper

Sure-Clip Clipper Trans - MeteorSure-Clip Clipper Trans - Meteor


Sure Clip Animals - Dog

35w Mains Powered

German, stainless steel blades

Sure-Clip Meteor Pet Dog Clipper

Sure-Clip Clipper Trans - Show MateSure-Clip Clipper Trans - Show Mate


Sure Clip Animals - CowSure Clip Animals - Horse

DC12 lithium battery Power: 150Watts

German, stainless steel blades

Sure-Clip Show Mate Cordless Horse Clipper

Sure-Clip Clipper Trans - ChargerSure-Clip Clipper Trans - Charger


Sure Clip Animals - CowSure Clip Animals - Horse

200w Mains Powered

German, stainless steel blades

Sure-Clip Charger Horse Clipper

Who Needs a Clip?


Do you have:

  • a dog to keep clipped at home
  • a stable full of horses that need grooming
  • a field of sheep that need shearing
  • an alpaca or cow that you are taking to a show

Sure-Clip Have You covered!

With the right clippers you can care for any animal yourself at home. From a full clip to a quick trim you can achieve a professional cut with a little practice.

Start by selecting the animal that you need to clip above, go directly to the shop or search for the clipper by name or product number.


If the thought of selecting the right clipper blade has you running for the groomer, you’re not alone. With so many to choose from, figuring out which blade works best can be intimidating. However, recognizing the difference between blades can make the process a lot less complicated.

Many blades are categorized as skip tooth blades, finishing or finish cut blades, and wide or T blades. Skip tooth blades are often used before bathing and for quickly cutting through dense, matted hair, while finishing blades are commonly used after bathing to complete the cut and for blending areas of longer and shorter hair together. The wide or T blades feature a wider size to quicken the cutting time of large breeds.

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